Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.a. is a leading provider of advanced Information Technology systems and services to diverse commercial and governmental customers, with a particular attention to the Energy and Smart Grid sector. Engineering Group is currently the first IT group in Italy has about 7.000 employees and 40 branch offices, throughout Italy, Ireland and Belgium, and (outside the European Union) in Brazil, Latin America and USA. The group produces IT innovation to more than 1.000 large clients, with a complete offer combining system and business integration, outsourcing, cloud services, consulting, and proprietary solutions. Engineering Data Centres, via EngMO, offer business continuity and IT infrastructure management to about 15.000 servers and 230.000 workstations.
The Engineering Group operates through 7 business units; its innovation capability is supported by the Central Unit of Research & Development, with around 250 researchers currently involved in over 50 research projects co-funded by national and international authorities. The R&D Unit is located across 6 different locations in Italy and in Europe.
In the Smart Grid research area, Engineering is actually coordinating the INGRID FP7 Energy Large Demonstration EU project to evaluate the effectiveness of hydrogen solid-state electricity storage in Smart Grids to balance intermittency due to high penetration of renewable fluctuating energy sources. Engineering is also involved in NOBEL GRID (H2020-LCE-2014-3) project that aims to offer advanced services to all actors in the distribution grid and retail electricity market.
Engineering has been involved in the FINESCE FP7 project leading a work package focused on the design and development of a marketplace for energy based on Future Internet technologies (FIWARE Generic Enablers and FIWARE Lab cloud facilities) and in the INERTIA FP7 STREP project on the integration among demand response and final (residential, commercial, industrial) electricity customers.

Role in InteGRIDy:
ENG will work on the definition of the overall InteGRIDy architecture by contributing not only in the definition of scenarios and use cases, in the elicitation of requirements but also in the integration of the wide set of components, tools, methods and methodologies that the Consortium is putting at disposal of the project. ENG has a long experience in software engineering also in number of research initiatives (INGRID FP7, GEYSER FP7, ELSA H2020, only to mention the most recent ones). A strong participation is foreseen also in tasks related to the optimisation of energy flows, a topic that has been widely developed in large projects like INGRID. As large enterprise and IT company ENG will also contribute to the definition of business models for the InteGRIDy future sustainability.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 731268