1st International Conference




Smart grid technologies are a key priority in the EU energy strategy. Distribution grids are dealing with significant transformation in order to follow the technological changes and explore the consequential new benefits given by their increased flexibility, so able to meet an increased demand as well as an increased distributed energy production. The multiple stakeholders around the smart grid are now playing a fundamental role to support this ambitious transition. However, what are their main drivers and barriers? What are the technological priorities? How heterogeneous and different could be next regulatory decisions by the national authorities in the EU countries about innovative technologies and competitive market?

Objectives and relation with inteGRIDy

Hosted by POLIMI, in the framework of the H2020 Project InteGRIDy (http://integridy.eu/) the conference will take place in Milan, next 14th of September. It will give an opportunity for a dialogue among the ongoing European H2020 R&I Projects on innovative technologies for smart grid on MV/LV in the topics of Demand Response, intelligent distribution grid and storage technologies, sharing novel ideas on how to enable the flexibility on the smart grid. The conference will also open the discussion among representatives from National Authorities for Energy, keeping the focus on their next regulatory decisions and plans that can affect technical innovations on power systems, ensuring their wide rollout in a competitive market. We warmly invite you to participate to the conference if your organization falls into one of the following target groups:
  • TG1 - System Operators (Transmission System Operators, Independent System Operators, Distribution System Operators and other local network operation entities).
  • TG2 - Market Operators (Retailers, Large producers & Traders, Aggregators, Brokers, ESCo).
  • TG3 - Governance and Policy Bodies and Final Users (Regulation Authorities, Governmental Institutions, Public administrations, Policy Makers, no profit Agencies, Customers and large customers, prosumers, user association).
  • TG4 - Externals (all those subjects that does not produce, dispatch, sell or use energy and participate to the market in a subsidiary way: services providers, third part service providers, Research & Innovation Entities, industrial or consultancy providers).
The conference is related to the task of the InteGRIDy Project “Elicitation of Stakeholders, Market Needs & Implementation Priorities” who has reviewed needs and expectations of stakeholders that are part of the Smart Grid ecosystem. For this purpose, an on-line survey has been implemented to contribute to the understanding of the visions of the different stakeholders in the European smart grid technologies, from their multiple prospective, identifying their needs and market priorities, gathering recommendation and proposals on today's distribution challenges. The conference will also give the opportunity to show and propagate it in order to have an increased participation ensuring more reliable and affordable results.


Politecnico di Milano Via Lambruschini, 4 20156 Milano, Italy >> Link to Google Map

Final Agenda

14th September – InteGRIDy International Conference in MILAN


9:30 – 10:30

Welcome by:
Prof. F. Inzoli, Director of Department of Energy, Politecnico di Milano

Opening remarks about inteGRIDy project and EU innovations on Smart Grid by:
Javie Valiño, ATOS
Massimo Bertoncini, Engineering

Session 1 – Roundtable among national energy authorities

10:30  - 11:45

Discussion on the legislative proposal for a recast of the internal Electricity Market Directives and Regulations: how can we harmonize the European landscape?:


  • Andrea Galliani, AEEGSI
  • John Hazar, BEIS
  • Gabriela Dobrescu, ANRE

Roundtable moderated by Prof. Maurizio Delfanti, Politecnico di Milano

11:45 – 12:15

Coffee Break

InteGRIDy survey break

12:15 – 12:30

Survey for the collection of needs and priorities of European stakeholders in the Field of smart grid technologies for the distribution grid

Luigi D’Oriano, Energy@Work

Session 2 – Presentation of the BRIDGE initiative

12:30 -  13:00

Presentation by:

Daniel Hernández, TECHNOFI

13:00 – 14:00

Lunch break

Session 3 – Discussion of the ongoing H2020/National R&I Demo Projects as key drivers of innovation supporting technologies for smart grid on MV/LV

14:00 – 16:00

Presentations by:

  • Javier Valiño, ATOS, InteGRIDy project
  • Simon Verleger, DVGW, STORE&GO project
  • Vincenzo Croce, ENGINEERING, ELSA project
  • Luigi Crema, Green Energy Storage, GREENERNET project
  • Thomas Drizard, ENEDIS, INTERFLEX project
  • Laura Maretta, ENEL, FLEXCIENCY project

Discussion moderated by Diego Arnone, Engineering


End of International Conference


You can download (.pdf file) of the event.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 731268